ThE KinG of CAke

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When it’s coarse / We can know
What kind of wood
that it is / what it is
Stay the course / Feel free flow
But mind the good
or Ids miss / or such risk

Strong cases are made
Staying / the course
Making / the grade

We-can-know; They-don’t-know
Feel-free-flow; Cap-it-al

Keep your paint / Trees can know
What kind of man
you can be / who can be

Stay the course; Word, think, grow
So mind the best
truly free / all for free

Strong cases are made
Ruling / the game
Taking / the cake

We-can-know; They-don’t-know
Feel-free-flow; Steal-the-show

Winds its course / Convoy row
Through neck of wood
make what is / what is grist
Stray the course; reap tares sowed
Bind best beyond
grey dismissed / won’t be missed

Cases closed can make
Ruling / new game / The King of Cake

We-can-know; They-don’t-know
Feel-free-flow; Now-roy-al

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